What if it rains the night of the festival? We keep our eyes on the skies and decide by 3 PM if the parade has to be cancelled, in which case we will post the cancellation on our social media. One way or another the celebration at the Crystal Palace goes on no matter what!

Is the festival just for kids? No! Of course we welcome children whole-heartedly, but we have way more adults attend than kids. Pro tip: if you’re bringing little ones, give them a good long nap on Saturday afternoon.

What should I wear? Costumes are encouraged! Whatever makes you feel fun and festive. Battery-powered LED lights will add extra flair to your outfit. Also: dress warmly for the parade!

What if I didn’t make a lantern? That’s okay! You can make your own at home, or buy one from our lantern sellers at Benson Park, handmade by volunteers. They cost $15-$20 and proceeds support the festival. You can also bring anything that lights up! Or not – we promise you won’t be shunned.

Where do I get a light for my lantern? We’ll have them for sale at Benson Park for $1, or bring your own. Battery-powered lights only! Live flame is not allowed in the Crystal Palace.

Where do I get a stick to carry my lantern? We’ll be handing them out at Benson Park. Free!

How late does it go? Hard to say! Usually things wrap up by 10-11 PM.

Where do I get a wristband? Advance wristbands on sale at Kelly’s Shop until 5 PM Saturday for $6 adults, $4 kids. Wristbands available at Benson Park or at the door of the Crystal Palace for $8 adults, $6 kids.

What does my wristband get me? Entrance to the Crystal Palace, where there will be live music from GUH, a shadow puppetry play at 8 PM, art installations and much dancing and merriment!

Do I need a wristband for the parade? No. The parade is free for all to enjoy.

When do we let our lanterns go and fly up in the sky? They’re not those kind of lanterns: sky lanterns are not that great for the environment. We carry ours in the parade, and when you arrive at the Crystal Palace you can display your creation in the lantern gallery or put it in a lantern parking station.

Is there food & drink? Yes! Thanks to our friends at the Vic Café.

What time should I arrive at Benson Park? 6 PM.

What’s your hashtag? #firelightfestpec